The Cryptospots DApp has moved ahead strongly in Q1 of 2021, growing our community and building away at our illustrious ecosystem. The listing has broadened access to the token and we are thrilled to have so many new community members and holders.
We have achieved our ROADMAP goals for Q1 and will continue diligently onward to the next phase.

The Cryptospots DApp is powered by users, both retailers and consumers, and our team is constantly reaching out to potential businesses that may want to create new listings.

The platform has 6 listing types:

The “Prospecting” phase (ending…

This guide will instruct you how and why to stake your Cryptospot Tokens.

SPOT is a TRC-10 Token of the TRON blockchain.
Here is the origin.

We are building a map where users can list or even create businesses that accept or support cryptocurrency. Our exchange and additional features (faucets, staking, a free payment system that circumvents blockchain fees) will simplify and normalize peer to peer usage of cryptocurrency globally.

So let’s dive in:

Cryptospots DApp — the crypto map created by users, the global asset hub supporting creativity and mass adoption. THE resource for meeting like-minded individuals and furthering the cause of digital currency.

We have the biggest ambitions and the wildest dreams of simply normalizing crypto payments, making transactions easy and free, empowering people to create their own jobs and events, and helping spread vital knowledge about digital assets.

So we are building a massive application that will do all of those things and so much more!

The purpose of our project is to help people find ATM’s and retailers that accept crypto, THEN incentivize the two parties for facilitating transactions. There are not many reliable resources out there, and lots of individual projects have become tribalized or have not provided incentives for…

This has been an interesting year so far!
Hopefully we can survive long enough to leave a great legacy for our robot overlords to laugh about after we are all vaporized next month.

In the past quarter we have gained a better idea of how to approach what we are building. It’s difficult to describe our ecosystem in a sentence and it’s been a challenging process for our small team to map out and manifest.

The most concise explanation of the CRYPTOSPOTS DAPP follows:

Crypto map created by users — everyone is a merchant. …

It doesn’t feel right entering Q4 while it’s soooo stinking hot here in South Carolina but nonetheless, here we are! We have sweated, bled, toiled, cried, thrown up our hands in exasperation, passed out in the gutter, fell asleep at the computer, and worked relentlessly over the summer to keep reaching milestones and building what we believe is the most important tool in all of crypto — the Cryptospots DApp…..

Cretinous listens to Slayer
Cretinous listens to Slayer
Cretinous listens to Slayer

We were thrilled to be listed on and thoroughly pleased watching people talk about SPOT, pump groups target our token, our community members holding strong, and the amazing feedback…

We are thrilled to announce that the v1.0 release of the Cryptospot Exchange is now live!
Here you can trade a variety of assets and STAKE YOUR CRYPTOSPOT TOKENS!

We are opening up with support for the following assets:

This is the early release of the exchange which will also eventually be used for point of sale transactions at retail locations. User to user transfer is free so there will be no fees when you make p2p transactions in the exchange!

At this time users who stake their SPOT will receive 0.25%…

Yes that’s right, we are creating an augmented reality blockchain game!
CITY RATS — Select a Rat, choose their abilities, battle other players, control territory, choose a path of good or evil, mutate!!!

We will be using CHEESE Coin and SPOT Token as in-game currency, even as XYO Tokens are earned by geo-mining.
SPOT will be used to buy items, CHEESE will be used to mutate your Rat. Throughout the game you will be able to find coin drops and treasure chests by exploring areas around you.

As we begin development, we are exploring ways to allow users to create and customize their own Rats, and even participate in the way that they mutate and the outcome of their appearances. …

It has been an exciting year for Cryptospots so far! We are thrilled with all of the friendships and partnerships we have made. We thank each and every one of you who has taken time to research our project, get involved, and put your trust in us.
Here is an update on our progress and a summary of our current roadmap. Our original roadmap was extremely ambitious, especially for a project like this! With limited funding and only a small team of “dudes with dayjobs”, the process has been slow and tedious, yet we have made significant progress.

We have achieved
- Working map of crypto spots with navigation
- Launch of our token “Cryptospot Token” (SPOT)
- User database with integrated SPOT web wallets
- Partnerships with XYO Network, CHEESE Coin, Your Crypto Daily, and, and several others which we cannot yet disclose!
- Completed airdrop phases 1 & 2-
- Clarity on our vision for the final product we are creating
- Successful testnet smart contract trigger

Quarter 2
- Deploy smart contract
- Acquire at least 1 outside DEX or exchange listing (WE ARE LOOKING AT YOU TRONSCAN.ORG & TRONTRADE.IO)
- Complete legal documentation for Cryptospots Virtual…

You may have heard about our airdrop.
Round 1 has completed. The winners were ….. the SPOT community.
Round 2 has begun. The winners will be … the TRON community!

We are accepting votes on Twitter to see which TRX Token communities will benefit from our second round. We will drop 1,000 SPOT to each of the top 250 holders of 2 different token projects.
It can be difficult getting the attention of other projects in this climate of tribalism and closed borders. Our desire is for not only the entire TRON ecosystem to prosper, but for #crypto as a whole…


We at Cryptospots DApp are excited to announce a radical new partnership with CHEESE Coin! ( beloved CHEESE community has a special place in our hearts and we welcome them to the Cryptospots family.

Now wait ‘til you hear HOW we are going to be working together. This isn’t just some publicity stunt…. THIS is an epic achievement that will rock the crypto world of DApps and exchanges. THIS will revolutionize the way that you explore and interact with your surroundings. THIS will motivate, nay incentivize people to lust and beg for more CHEESE. …


Entered crypto in early 2016. Miner, advocate,creator of Cryptospots DApp.

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